"None Shall Pass"
"None Shall Pass"
"None Shall Pass"
"None Shall Pass"
"None Shall Pass"
"None Shall Pass"

"None Shall Pass"

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Originally released in 2007, None Shall Pass was the fifth studio album by Aesop Rock. Created over a two year period following the release of his Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives EP, the album would prove to be Aesop’s final release on the now defunct Def Jux label. The critically acclaimed album debuted at #50 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and #35 on their Hip-Hop and R&B charts, and includes the title track “None Shall Pass” which has proven to be one of Aesop’s most popular songs to date. None Shall Pass documents the vast amounts of personal change Aesop had been experiencing at this time while still deftly depicting scenes and stories relative to all ages of life.
Vinyl packaging features artwork by Jeremy Fish including 12” matte jacket and 8-panel accordion insert with metallic gold spot color, black double vinyl with printed labels and dust sleeves.
Track Listing:
  1. Keep Off The Lawn
  2. None Shall Pass
  3. Catacomb Kids
  4. Bring Back Pluto
  5. Fumes
  6. Getaway Car (feat. Cage and Breeze Brewin)
  7. 39 Thieves
  8. The Harbor Is Yours
  9. Citronella
  10. Gun For The Whole Family (feat. EL-P)
  11. Five Fingers
  12. No City
  13. Dark Heart News (feat. Rob Sonic)
  14. Coffee (feat. John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats)