"Bazooka Tooth"
"Bazooka Tooth"

"Bazooka Tooth"

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Bazooka Tooth is the fourth full-length album by American hip hop artist Aesop Rock, released on September 23, 2003, on Definitive Jux.

For the first time, the majority of production is handled by Aesop Rock himself, although long-term collaborator Blockhead contributes three tracks and one is provided by Definitive Jux label boss El-P. Significant vocal guest appearances are made by El-P and fellow Def Jux labelmates Party Fun Action Committee and Mr. Lif as well as by 1990s Bronx hip-hop duo Camp Lo. There are also brief vocal cameos (credited on the sleeve as "Additional Trash Talking and Malarchy" [sic]) by Cannibal Ox, S.A. Smash, and Murs. Scratching is handled by DJ Cip One of Cannibal Ox and DJ Pawl of Hangar 18. Much of the instrumentals for the introduction track, "Bazooka Tooth," were done by Jer of Party Fun Action Committee using standard pots and pans. The cover is by Israeli artist Tomer Hanuka. 

Track Listing:

  1. Bazooka Tooth
  2. N.Y. Electric/Hunter Interlude
  3. Easy
  4. No Jumper Cables
  5. Limelighters (feat. Camp Lo)
  6. Super Fluke
  7. Cook It UP (feat. P.F.A.C)
  8. Freeze/Honeycomb Interlude
  9. We're Famous (feat. EL-P)
  10. Babies With Guns
  11. The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History
  12. Frijoles
  13. 11:35 (feat. Mr. Lif/Ketamine U.S.A Interlude)
  14. Kill The Messenger
  15. Mars Attacks